Discovering Me

Are you socially awkward? Shy, quiet, soft spoken? Do you hate that you constantly have to repeat yourself because your voice is so soft? Do you hate going to social gatherings? Do you get anxious when attention is turned towards you? Do you hate attention? Well apparently, me too. I didn’t know any of these things about myself until I moved out for university. You only really discover who you are when you are in the unfamiliar.

My first year of university has been filled with ups and downs, laughter, tears, tears and more tears (moving out is really tough). I have tried so many new things just to put myself out there and overcome my fears (of course, many failed, lol. But I will never give up!). This blog is going to be about my experiences as a socially awkward student. My aim is not only to reach out to people going through similar struggles but also to make you laugh with all my embarrassing moments. I find that a good way to deal with my awkwardness is to laugh at myself afterwards, honestly, some of the things I do are just ludicrous. I hope you guys enjoy the light hearted entertainment.

I am, however, very big on emotions and the mushy stuff so expect a bit of that as well. Stay tuned 🙂