That Feeling

Do you ever have those days when you just feel so inspired? Like there is this energy, just waiting to explode out of you! Days when your imagination is running free and you’re not held back by the “realities” of life (“realities” because I find that a lot of people use “being realistic” as an excuse to be negative about everything). Days when you want to do what you love, could be painting, writing, drawing, a sport, anything. Days when you feel amazing about yourself and could even hug yourself out of the sheer happiness in your heart. On such days I write or take a walk in nature. I have this obsession with trees, they just make me feel so serene. How calm they look, and knowing that they’ve been there for years and years. I don’t even have to be in a park, it could be one tree in my neighborhood or something and that is enough. There is just something special about trees (this just got weird).

Assuming you know the feeling I am talking about (this will be so awkward if no one else gets it) I have another question. When do you get that feeling or what triggers it? For me, I get it whenever I  watch animated movies or classic movies or read a really good book. If you’re judging me for watching animations at my age… I am a child inside! Seriously, I have probably watched all the animated movies out and I am proud. They’re so imaginative and creative, how can anyone outgrow that? I am convinced that no one actually outgrows cartoons and that most people watch them secretly in their rooms (you have been exposed). I especially love when there is a narration in a movie. I like to imagine I am the main character and this is the same with books, I put myself in the shoes of the protagonist and I just enter this whole new dimension. It always leaves me with that amazing feeling. About the classics, I don’t know what it is about old times, I just LOVE them. Sometimes I feel like I lived in the past or something because there is no explaining my weird attachment to basically anything from the past; antiques, time capsules, I even like museums and not because of the boring history but simply how cool all the old stuff looks (you’re probably like… was I meant to relate to this post?)

I had one of those day today and I was just wondering if you get them too? Do you get that feeling sometimes? What triggers it in you? What do you do when you feel inspired? Do you have any weird obsessions like mine with trees? I would love to hear from you all, please let me know in the comments. Thank you so much for reading ❤