Being your authentic self


I’ll be honest with you, this post has taken me ages to write. I’ve written and erased over and over simply because of the voices in my head, “are you really going to post that?”, “what will people think?”, “will people like that?” ,the list goes on. This blog was meant to be about my thoughts, my honest thoughts, unchanged, unedited, and so it was until I realized people actually read it! When I made my first post, I remember not caring. I literally typed it out on my phone barely giving it a second thought. I just wrote exactly how I felt because I did not expect anyone to read it. Now, suddenly nothing feels good enough to post. I constantly worry about what people will think and compare my blog to other blogs.

This got me thinking, the only thing that stops us from truly being ourselves, is what other people think. We are so concerned with people’s opinions that it actually plays a role in the way we dress, the way we walk, talk and even the major decisions we make in life. I think this is ridiculous because no one actually cares about you (sorry to say). If you think about it, you think about yourself and what other people think of you a lot and that’s the case with everyone else. This means everyone is too busy thinking about themselves to have you even cross their minds. What is the point of bending over backwards to please people who probably  don’t even notice you? If people don’t notice you what is the point of wearing a mask, I mean, you might as well be yourself (hope the logic there makes sense).

We try to become exactly like that famous blogger, youtuber or artist, because we figure if it worked for them, it’ll probably work for us but that’s the problem. This person is successful because they did their own thing, they were original, they were authentic and people can sense authenticity and are drawn to it. It is so inspiring to see someone who is unapologetically themselves. The world does not need another Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey so stop trying to be the next anybody. Just be your authentic self, be the first you.

I got inspiration for this post from a Ted talk I recently watched, check it out at  Thanks for reading 🙂