What is more amazing than being inspired? When your soul feels like it will explode at any moment, adrenaline courses through every part of you and you feel like you can do absolutely anything. When I’m super inspired, I literally jump up and down, and throw my hands in the air. I just experience so much energy, it is unreal. How often do you get this feeling? For me, not very often. It took major experiences to shake me out of my autopilot life and allow me to feel inspired.

Recently, I have experienced this feeling a lot more than usual and that is because I have started doing things that scare the life out of me! I took up a role as a society executive at my university. That might not sound like a big deal to you, in fact, you might have glossed over that sentence. What you do not realize is that I have struggled majorly with social awkwardness, and so that statement deserves great applause. I’m afraid you are going to have clap for me before reading on.

You see, I decided this year that I would ignore that voice that tells me why I should not do things. I decided to be defiant. I decided my comfort zone was not working for me any more. Do you want to know what I found? Inspiration! All over the place!

If it takes major events and experiences in your life to make you feel inspired then create those experiences! Don’t wait for something tragic to happen or for a great opportunity to come to you, sign up for that role! Apply for that job! Volunteer for that position! Take that class!  Do THAT THING! That thing that scares the life out of you but you cannot stop dreaming about.

I’ll be honest with you, it is going to be hard! You will be met with so many negative thoughts in the process and pushing them aside is hard! I’ll give you a tip that has worked great for me so far, quickly trap yourself before your thoughts get too loud. So for example with my exec role, I emailed out my manifesto immediately before I could over think it. The next day, I woke up thinking “what in the world have you done?” but it was too late,  I could not back out. It works perfectly! Try it! You will have no idea what you are doing in the beginning, or in the middle… or at the end (I joke) but you know what? You will thank yourself for doing it.


Some inspiration for you guys 🙂

Life is amazing outside your comfort zone! Once you take the first step, you’ll be awestruck by what you are actually capable of, yes, YOU!

Take good care of your beautiful self xx